Tournament Rules

1. General

MuKi Invitational Tournament will be played in six team´s series, where all teams play against each other once. After all 15 games in tournament has been played the winners will be announced. Top three teams will receive trophies and medals, AllStars -team and Tournament MVP will be announced.

2. Rules

Tournament will be played according to standard FIBA -rules, with following exceptions

* Playing time is 4 x 8 minutes effective time, overtime 3 minutes

* The break between the sets is one minute and between the halves five minutes. The pre-match warm-up is five minutes.

* Ball size is 6

* Team can nominate maximum 12 players per game

3. Standings

Winning team will get 2 points and losing team 0 points per game. When calculating the standings the position of the team will be determined by the number of points won. If the number of points is equal, the position will be determined by:
3.1. points won in games against each other;
3.2. point-difference in games against each other;
3.3. point-difference in all games.

If two or more teams are with same results after 3.3. then MIT Manager will arrange a draw to determine the standings. Team coaches/managers are allowed to participate to the draw.

4. Protests

All protests must be made within 30 minutes after the game end by the coach/manager of the team in writing, and the protest must be delivered with the non-returnable protest fee 250 € to MIT manager. Only protests that can be judged to 40-0 loss are handled by MIT manager.